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News & Updates

Lambing Season

Lambing season has well and truly started. Our February newsletter focuses on reducing lamb losses using enhanced hygiene and responsible use of antibiotics.

Reducing blanket use of antibiotics early in the lambing season may help counter development and resistance. Ask about our Lamb Drench for early lamb supplementation to encourage colostrum intake.

Nematodirus worms can pose a real risk to lambs as the weather improves.
SCOPS (Sustainable Control of Parasites) is predicting hatching to start in 7 - 14 days in some areas of the UK

Saturday Morning Office Hours

From the 2nd of June 2018, our Saturday morning office hours will be changing to the new time of 9am - 12pm. We will still provide our open Saturday morning clinic which is between 9am - 10am.

Er gwybodaeth, bydd oriau agor y filfeddygfan newid i 9am tan 12pm o dydd Sadwrn 2 Fehefin ymlaen. Bydd y milfeddygfa ar agor tan 1pm ar dydd Sadwrn tan hynny.  Diolch