Pet Health Scheme

Receive preventative health care for your pet throughout the year, and 10% discount on additional services, when you sign up for our Pet Health Scheme.

We strongly believe in the ethos of preventative care, and to this end we set up our own Pet Health Club in February 2014. This scheme is designed to help you plan health care for your pet throughout the year, spreading the cost and enabling you to concentrate on what matters, your pet.

Plan includes:
  • Annual booster vaccinations (a 20% discount on primary vaccination courses if you sign up at the time)
  • Year-round flea and worm treatments
  • Nail clipping
  • Mid-year nurse health examinations
  • Anal gland emptying
  • Deductions from a range of services (importantly, long-term medications are reduced by 10% with this scheme)

When you sign up to the scheme, you will save money throughout the year, compared with paying as you go.

It is our way of thanking you for choosing Ystwyth Veterinary Practice.

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