Veterinary Services

General Information
Surgical and Diagnostic procedures

Our vets are experienced in performing a spectrum of diagnostic and surgical procedures ranging from routine neuterings to more complex surgeries and in-depth diagnostic work. Our diagnostic facilities include an x-ray machine, an ultrasound scanner, an in-house lab and an endoscope.

We maintain very high standards of care for all our anaesthetised patients, and provide fluid therapy throughout gaseous anaesthesia as well as comprehensive monitoring using the latest technology.

We feel very strongly that our patients must have adequate pain relief during and following surgery, and our experienced nursing staff follow up every surgery with a detailed discharge plan and post-operative checks, which are included in the price.

Please note that if your pet has been booked in for a surgical procedure, we ask you to bring them in for 8.30 am. Thank you for your cooperation.


An insurance policy enables you to rest assured in the event of a traumatic injury or complex disease, your medical and surgical expenses will largely be taken care of. However, some policies are time or value restricted, as opposed to those that run for the lifetime of your pet. You are advised to take out the latter, as this ensures a more comprehensive cover. There are many policy providers on the market and it is worth doing careful research to choose wisely.

Insurance Claim Forms

We are happy to complete insurance claims for submission to your insurance company. We apply a small administration charge for this work, which may not be eligible for inclusion in your claim.

We prefer that you settle your invoice with us prior to completion of your claim form, however we can discuss this with you on a case-by-case basis, as we can also accept direct payment from your insurance company.

Passports & the PET Travel Scheme

PET passports are available at Ystwyth Vets with the majority of our vets licensed by DEFRA able to complete these on your behalf. The process can be completed during a single consultation and both dogs and cats require a vaccination for Rabies and must be microchipped. Do make enquiries with DEFRA if you are travelling outside the EU, as documentation and vaccine requirements may vary.

Prescriptions and Repeat Prescriptions

We are happy to dispense repeat prescriptions for pets with ongoing medical conditions. Of course, we do need to examine your pet on a regular basis to ensure that the medication is accurately prescribed and to monitor changes as your pet ages. We ask that you present your pet every three months for an examination, and each time you need more medication, call the surgery 24 hours prior in order that the medication can be prepared.

We are happy to provide, at a charge, a written prescription.


Most pets can now be microchipped, and this provides unique identification of your pet. It is essential for pets travelling out of the UK and is a legal requirement for all dogs since April 2016.  PLEASE BE AWARE THAT, BY LAW, ALL DOGS MUST BE MICROCHIPPED BY 8 WEEKS OF AGE. This facilitates early identification of lost dogs, and deters theft.

We provide a low-cost service for micro-chipping at all our regular surgeries. Please call the surgery for further information.

All horses born since July 2009 are required by law to be microchipped within six months of birth or by 31st December in the year of their birth, whichever is the later, before applying for a horse passport. Microchipping is a requirement for any horse applying for a passport.

Equine Worm Egg Counts

We offer an egg-count service with a same-day result. Current understanding is to threshold-worm; horses with low or negative burdens do not need treatment. It will save you money to do the test, and will mean that fewer drugs are used unnecessarily, reducing the risk of drug resistance.

Payment Options

Payment is expected when services and treatments are rendered. We accept credit cards, debit cards, cheques and cash and we can also take payment ahead of services. Individual banking arrangements can be discussed.

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